Detection and Screening

QSSC (MOI & MOE Certified) is the exclusive distributor and integrator for Smiths Detection X-Ray Screening Solutions and CEIA metal detectors and security screening equipment, providing the most comprehensive range of Scanning and screening solutions . QSSC together with Smiths Detection & CEIA have the technology and product to meet your needs.

QSSC provides and supports the below scanning solutions.

  • Checkpoints
  • People Screening
  • Explosive
  • Narcotics
  • Chemical and Radiation
  • Heavy Cargo and Vehicle Inspection
  • Mobile Vehicle Screening
  • Event Security

QSSC provides and supports the below screening solutions.

  • Checkpoint
  • Courts and Correctional Facilities Security
  • Compact Ground search Metal Detectors
  • Liquid Explosive Detection Systems
  • Shoe Metal and Explosive Detector
  • Mail and Parcel Inspection
  • Event Security
Aviation Security
  • Hold Baggage X-Ray
  • Air Cargo Solutions
  • Checkpoint
Ports & Borders
  • High Energy Cargo Screening
  • Fixed Container Screening
  • Mobile Container Screening
Explosive & Narcotics Detection
  • Explosive Detectors
  • Narcotics detectors
  • Chemical Radiation Detectors
Screening Systems
  • Walk through metal Detectors
  • Hand Held
  • Millimeter Screening
Portable Detectors
  • Letter Bomb/LED Detector
  • Mail Parcel Inspection
  • Liquid Explosives Detectors
Digital Solutions
  • Advanced Screening
  • Software Analysis
  • Image Distribution System