QSS contributes in securing the World Cup Qatar 2022

Qatar Security Systems Company (QSS), a subsidiary of Qatari Investors Group Technology, is pleased to announce its contribution in securing the stadiums hosting the first World Cup in the Middle East; FIFA Qatar 2022.

QSS, specialized in integrated security systems, detection, life safety and other innovative digital systems, has secured the entrances of the stadiums with personal screening devices and metal detectors along with a full support team throughout the tournament.

The company has secured as well the spectator entry access at Ahmed Bin Ali stadium with automated turnstile gates and managed the ticketing system for smooth access entry.

Established in 1995, QSS has a wide network of international partners, such as “Smiths Detection”, the global leader in threat detection and screening technologies for aviation, ports and borders, defence and urban security. Another big partner is “Ceia”, an Industrial Company focused on the design and manufacturing of Electromagnetic Inspection Systems and Induction Heating Systems.

Through its strong global partnerships and cooperation, the company was able to provide turnkey solutions from the design phase all the way to operations and maintenance for high-value clients in Qatar.

QSS, which owns security systems approved by the Ministry of Interior and has world-class integrated security solutions, also provided the necessary support to the tournament’s Security and Safety Operations Committee and other security authorities through the provision of mobile vehicle screening units, advanced under vehicle screening systems and threat detection equipment for the vehicle checkpoints with operational event support supplied for FIFA event.

In addition, the company has set up checkpoints to screen fans onboard of the three MSC Cruises ships, serving for the World Cup fans at Doha Port.

Furthermore, its role extends to providing X-ray baggage scanners, threat detection system and self-screening security system for persons at both Hamad International Airport and Doha International Airport, while providing a specialized team of technicians to support inspections 24×7.